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Dear Colleagues,

    It is with deepest sorrow that I inform you of the passing of Dr. Denisa Popescu. Twice nominated for the Nobel Prize in Physics for her discovery of multiphoton spectroscopy, it is a terrible loss. Although formally retired some years ago because of her heart problems, as recently as a few months ago she was still providing us with critical help in establishing the statistical significance of our synchrotron data. She will be greatly missed in our profession.

    Those of us who also knew her as a friend must sustain a greater loss. Blessed with a radiant personality; and a brilliant and gracious style of hospitality, there was always a welcome at her table and a joy in our associations with Denisa. Hers was the "Heart" behind the Conferences, Workshops, and the Foundation with which we shared goals and efforts in Romania, as well as the source of essential insights into the Physics with which we struggled at those times. That heart expired during remedial surgery today; a great sorrow.

    Denisa is survived by her husband and soulmate of decades, Academician Professor Ion Iovitzu Popescu. God grant him strength and comfort at this terrible time.

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