Altmann Quantitative Linguistics Analyzer (AQLA)

Use this tool to calculate the quantitative linguistics indicators of a given piece of text. Radu Vasilescu, the author of the AQLA program, used the formulas given in the publications of Gabriel Altmann and Ioan-Iovitz Popescu.

Disclaimer: The uploaded texts and the returned results of the calculations are only stored in the server's volatile memory for transfer back to the browser during the work session, and then they are discarded. They are not written to persistent storage or transferred anywhere else, so they are kept only for a fleeting moment. The texts and the results are transiting the Internet unencrypted, so they could be seen by the data carriers (Internet Service Providers) involved in the transfer to and from the server.

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See also G. Altmann's Bibliography -

Input Text

Comparison Text


Name Value Description
The language of the input text. This is used for character replacements.
If enabled, special characters (such as accented letters) from the specified language will be swapped with their "normalized" (ex. unaccented) versions.
If enabled, all digits (0-9) will be removed before analysis.
If enabled, all lines matching the following regex will be removed before analysis: ^(From|To|Sent|Subject): .*$
If disabled, the input text will be converted to lowercase before analysis.
If enabled, all matches of the regular expression below within the input text will be removed.
Regular expression to remove from input (Python re regex engine, MULTILINE on).
If enabled, the two inputs (maximize the second box) will be compared using an asymptotic test (u).