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Ioan-Iovitz Popescu

Professor of Physics 
at Bucharest University
Member of the Romanian Academy


Last Name: POPESCU


Born: October 1, 1932, Burila Mare, Mehedintzi, Romania. Son of Dumitru and Elvira (b. Iovitz)

Married: August 10, 1963, to Denisa Popescu, also his closest scientific co-worker


1951 � Lyceum �Traian�, Turnu Severin
1955 � Faculty of Physics, Bucharest University
1961 � Doctor in Physics with Academician Eugen Badareu
1967-1969 � Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship, Kiel University


- Faculty of Physics, Bucharest University: assistant professor (1955-1960) and full professor (1972-1990) of plasma physics and optics, superviser of over 40 Ph.D. dissertations in the field of plasma physics (since 1969), dean of Faculty of Physics (1972-1977), rector of Bucharest University (May 1981 � October 1989), consulting professor (since 1990).
- Institute of Physics at Bucharest and Institute of Physics and Radiation Technology at  Bucharest-Magurele: chief of Plasma Physics Laboratory (1960-1972), director (1977-1981).
- Romanian Academy: full member (since 1990), corresponding member (since 1974), president of Physics Section (1990-1992).
- Induced Gamma Emission Foundation at Bucharest: director (since 1995).

Other professional activities:

- Secretary General of the IXth International Conference on Phenomena in Ionized Gases, Bucharest, September 1969.
- Principal investigator, jointly with Professor Carl B. Collins of the University of Texas at Dallas, of the U.S.-Romanian Project in Atomic and Plasma Physics, funded by U.S. National Science Foundation (1971-1981).
- Advisory Editor of Europhysics Letters, of the European Physical Society (since journal foundation in 1986).
- Editor-in-Chief of Romanian Reports in Physics, of the Romanian Academy (1991-2000).
- Organizing Committee of the First NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Gamma-Ray Lasers, Predeal '95, and of subsequent Workshops in Bucharest-Magurele '96 and Predeal '97.
- Principal investigator (since 1996 annually) of several research contracts regarding induced gamma emission, supported by U.S. Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) through its European Office of Aerospace Research and Development (EOARD).

Main Achievements and Publications:

Over 70 major original contributions in the field of electrical gas discharges and plasma physics, atomic and molecular collisions and photo-processes, optogalvanic and multiphoton laser spectroscopy, plasma electron beams and x-ray sources, and gamma-ray induced emission, published in top-ranked international journals (Reviews of Modern Physics, Physical Review, Physical Review Letters, Journal of Physics, Journal of Chemical Physics, Europhysics Letters, Annalen der Physik, Zeitschrift für Physik, and others) and cumulating about 2000 foreign citations. Also 15 books on ionized gases, plasma physics, optics, spectroscopy, and general physics, among which �Gaz Ionisés, Décharges Électriques dans les Gaz� (with E.Badareu), Ed. Dunod, Paris (1968); �General Physics�, 3 volumes (with R. Titeica), Ed. Tehnica, Bucharest (1971, 1973, 1975); �Fundamentals of Plasma Physics� (with D. Ciobotaru), Ed. Tehnica, Bucharest (1987), �Fundamentals of Plasma Spectroscopy� (with I. Iova), Ed. Stiintifica si Enciclopedica, Bucharest (1987); �Scalar Optics� (with F. Uliu), Ed. Universitaria, Craiova (1998); �Nobel Prizes in Physics� (with I. Dima), Ed. Academiei Romane, Bucharest (1998); �Journal Ranking by Average Impact Factors� (updated December 2002), a review web article, see


Romanian Academy, full member (since 1990)
Bucharest University, Physics Faculty, consulting professor (since 1990)


Honorary Citizen of Mehedintzi county (1997)
Doctor Honoris Causa of Craiova University (1998)
Loyal Service National Order in Commander Rank (2000)
Romanian Academy, Academic Merit Diploma (2002)
Romanian Education and Research Ministry, Excellence Diploma (2002)

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Mail: Str. Fizicienilor 6, bloc M4, ap. 6
76900 Bucharest-Magurele, Romania