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Prof. Dr. Ioan-Iovitz POPESCU (Iovitzu)
Member of the Romanian Academy

Ioan-Iovitz Popescu - Wikipedia               Iovitzu’s Google Scholar profile

NEWEST POST: Vocabulary Richness in English Poetry - The Lambda Indicator and Beyond

Lansarea cărții „Din viața lui Iovițu” / The release of the book "Iovițu's Life" - see on YouTube

Popescu, Ioan-Iovitz, Din viața lui Iovițu, Editura Academiei Române, Bucureşti, 2020, ISBN 978-973-27-3261-8
Popescu, Ioan-Iovitz, Iovițu's Life, Editura Academiei Române, Bucureşti, 2022, ISBN 978-973-27-3516-9

Omagiu adus Academicianului IOAN-IOVITZ POPESCU, la New York (24 martie 2021; PDF)

Comunicat al Academiei Române despre Sesiunea aniversară dedicată Acad. Ioan-Iovitz Popescu la 85 de ani (2017; JPG)
Invitație (PDF)  -  Gabriel Altmann's message on this occasion (PDF)
Thanks for the speakers at my 85th anniversary (PDF)  -  Galerie foto la Academia Română

Romanian Reports in Physics Festschrift to Honor Iovitzu on his 80th Anniversary (2012)
Iovitzu at 80 as seen by Dr. George Dinescu (PDF)  -  Ioan-Iovitz Popescu at his 80th anniversary, by Gabriel Altmann (PDF)
Iovitzu at 80 - Movie by Andrei Țugulea (see on YouTube; PDF)  -  Galerie foto la Biblioteca Națională de Fizică

Opera Omnia 2009 Prize (May 4, 2009; PDF)

Romanian Reports in Physics Honors Professor Ioan-Iovitz Popescu on his 75th Anniversary (2008)
Iovitzu Seen by Nicholas Ionescu-Pallas (PDF)  -  On the Symbiosis of Physicists and Linguists - Gabriel Altmann (PDF)
Life and Scientific Works of Ioan-Iovitz Popescu at the 75 year anniversary - Silviu Olariu (PDF)

Vita et Opera: Physics, Plasmas & Lasers
Gaz Ionisés. Décharges Électriques dans les Gaz (Dunod, Paris, 1958, 336 pages; PDF)

Geometrical Optics (Contemporary Literature Press, 2017; PDF)

Ether and Etherons. A Possible Reappraisal of the Concept of Ether. (Contemporary Literature Press, 1982; PDF)

Leisure: Linguistic Opus

Altmann Quantitative Linguistics Analyzer (AQLA)
This tool is aimed for easy calculation of quantitative linguistics indicators of a given piece of text.
Radu Vasilescu, the author of the AQLA program, used the formulas given in the publications of Gabriel Altmann and Ioan-Iovitz Popescu.

G. Altmann's Bibliography

Quantitative Analysis of Poetic Texts (De Gruyter Mouton, 2015)                   Word Frequency Studies (De Gruyter Mouton, 2009)

The Lambda-structure of Texts (Studies in Quantitative Linguistics 10, RAM-Verlag, January 2011; PDF)

Popescu, I.-I., Mačutek, J., Altmann, G. (2009). Aspects of Word Frequencies. Studies in Quantitative Linguistics 3, IV + 198, RAM-Verlag; (PDF)

Sandulescu, C.G., Vianu, L., Popescu, I.-I., Wilson, A., Knight, R., Altmann, G. (2015). Quantifying Joyce's Finnegans Wake. Glottometrics 30, 45-72 (PDF)

Popescu, I.-I., Altmann, G. (2014). The lambda structure of language levels. Glottometrics 27, 54-88 (PDF)

Popescu, I.-I., Zörnig P., Altmann, G. (2013). Arc length, vocabulary richness and text size. Glottometrics 25, 43-53 (PDF)

Popescu, I.-I., Mačutek, J., Altmann, G. (2008). Word frequency and arc length. Glottometrics 17, 18-42 (PDF)

Links dedicated to my dearly beloved Denisa (Daisy):

Heralding Laser Spectroscopy - Vita et Opera of Dr. Denisa Popescu (2003)

Denisa at the time of discovering multiphoton spectra (Spring of 1973)

Dr. Denisa Popescu - In Memoriam by Carl B. Collins (November 27, 2003)

Nominated for the Nobel Prize in Physics (1981, 1995, 1996, 1997) for her discovery of atomic multiphoton spectra (paper received April 16, 1973),
Denisa's seminal paper (published March 1, 1974; PDF) is cited as a first reference in the review article from Physics Reports 429 (2006) 123-241 (PDF).

Pictures of Denisa at her apogee:
Our wedding (August 10, 1963)
Her look while discovering multiphoton spectra (1973)
With Professor Carl B. Collins, Center for Quantum Electronics, UT Dallas (1973)
Working out spectral records (1973)
Denisa and her Dallas team (1973)
Beloved, sleep: “Weep not, she is not dead but sleepeth” Luke 8:52 (November 2004)
Denisa & Iovitzu - Photo Album (April 2006)
Days of September 2007
Damned impact factors
Denisa în culmea gloriei - transcriere de pe CD (March 1973; PDF)

Ether and Etherons:
• Etherons as predicted by Ioan-Iovitz Popescu in 1982
• Einstein's Cosmic Ether, the Atomic Ether, their Etherons and our Mind

Foreword by Professor Gabriel Altmann   

Word Frequency Studies, Walter de Gruyter, Berlin – New York (June 2009) Preview

Zipf's law – another view, Quality and Quantity, 44(4), 713-731 (2010)

Quantitative Analysis of Italian Texts, RAM-Verlag (February, 2010)

Vectors and codes of text, RAM-Verlag (July, 2010)

The books can be freely accessed at

First_experimental_evidence_of_nano_clustering (1968)

First_experimental_evidence_of_multiphoton_spectra (1973)

Early proposal of X-ray pumping of gamma ray lasers (1982)

And recent Triggered Isomer Proof confirmation (2008)

Iovitzu's lectures on OPTICS, holograph, Universitatea Bucuresti (1988)

My most cited paper, with Silviu Olariu:
The quantum effects of electromagnetic fluxes
Rev. Mod. Phys. 57, 339 - 436 (1985)


Links dedicated to Ioan-Iovitz Popescu (Iovitzu):

New Major Links:

Science Journal Titles and their Vocabulary March 2003

Ether and Etherons January 2003

Ether and Etherons (Word version, 210 kB)

Iovitzu's Curriculum Vitae contents